Thursday, October 25, 2007

Being an art major , makes me hot
its been 9 months since i've posted
that is all

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well there was no class .....again today . yay .....not . now i'm just left with being bored out of my mind. ended up falling back to sleep around 11:30 and getting up well ...3ish.nice. half the time i dont know what to do with myself in times like these. oddly the funny thing is that the teacher miss tuesday as well. making this a three day week. by the way this was the only full week. ha ha . firs tweek was three days , 2nd week was four , this week was going to be 5 and next week which is 3. oh well. but hey on the brighter side is thurdays , my favorate TV day of the week , with smallville and grey's on tonight. oh yea it snow last night as well, as much as it did last sunday, the cars were all covered and the grass was almost gone to it. for me at least that was kinda random , i hadnt heard anything for snow.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So out of all the the huge murals, ours was deff the best by far. Which means that i think i'm doing really well in this class at this point. I'm doing more then i need to do and things are turning out well. Hoping for an A now in this class. By the way no one gets to keep them ( to anwser my sisters question ) So today after class Michael came up to see the mural and to see me of course. We made marbled paper together ( which even though he doesnt think he did well he did :D ) and that was fun , had lunch and then he had to be off on his way to work. Then i went shopping for book stuff for my final and picked up about 7 more job app's, still looking for a job up here so i dont have to come home every weekend to work.

Monday, January 22, 2007

this is my mural project that my team ( of four ) have worked on in the last 4 days .
its amazing what you can do with paper , it all made out of paper pulp and in the end when it drys its going to be one big sheet of paper basicly. its super sweet !

This is my teams finished mural ! Isnt it amazing !

This is another side of our pic! the flash takes some of the color out of it

so i'll show you this one

This is the pulp that we had to color and then lay down to make our mural , these pulps are made out of cotton and abbaca.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So it seems I lied, lied about this blog ! I've been real bad about updating this thing. But what can i say the life of a college student is real hard ! right now i'm just taking a " art break" ( normally called a study break but lets be honest ...i dont study ) i call it a art break becasue thats what it is . i'm taking a creative break. right now i'm doing my final project for visual literacy. its a book . right now i'm just making the book itself not really doing much else as i'm not sure where its going. ah the everylasting headache ( which i've had all day ) wont go away as well . which i think its going to drive me to go to bed early tonight. i must say though if i've learn anything yet i've learned this - zombies come from college campus . its true i mean we are the living dead ( going days without food and sleep ) well i must get back before the glue drys


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

so i want to be able to do this .... i love this because of the detailed computer animation that went into it

check it out its a short vidoe

Friday, October 06, 2006

so i went to new york yesterday and it was surpisingly alot of fun , i really didnt want to do cause i felt as though it was a mindless trip but i ended up walking all the way from the met down to chinetown , and that was a haul and a half . i'm really tired and relaly hurting from that still . i got to shop around a good bit to , i found a purse i really liked , a scarf , and shoes ! :) my presentation today in my christian theo class was a hit :) i'm really hoping for an A for it . i had to get up this morning at 6:30 after going to bed at 1am so i think im gonig to go lay down now before my next class . and then i get to go home ! yay !