Friday, August 25, 2006

today will be my frist full day at Messiah college . i woke up this morning by the sound of beth's alarm clock , which i was happy to hear since mine didn't go off . thats because i put it for PM !! not AM oh well . when i got up Anna was already up and had taken a shower , i was impress because she was also the last one to go to bed . well i got to do my thing in the bathroom and then cracked open my coffee for a cup. breakfest was ok , i might just skip out on it alot because its not something i have to have. i wish we could just skip the next few days and go right in our classes ! i really can't wait to go to class and see what my classes are like. also let me tell you a little more about yesterday. yesterday we all woke up early ( mom dad and michael ) and shipped out to Messiah . we checked in which took maybe 5 min's , there were no lines or anything. we got my key and moved in. mom and michael did a great job in cleaning everything while my dad and i where moving everything in. then we went to lunch and then did the normal stuff , like take your computer in , check mailbox , ect ect. i didn't have to get my books because i had gotten them the week before , which was a good thing cause of the long lines. i also got my ID card a week ago which cut that out . oh i did get my parking pass which by the way i'm in the D lot which is the farthest lot there is ! ya for me . i'll tell you one thing if i don't work out its not big deal because i have to walk all over the place ! well i must live out my day and i shall return with more updates later


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