Saturday, August 26, 2006

Its been slow the last few days with everything shut down and nothing really running yet because its just welcome week .i really like the student union building the most, they have pool tables and lots of fun places to sit and relax. they should really have a coffee house in it or something. they have a little cafe food place but i don't think it has much for coffee. i did my german placement exam yesterday, which i'm hoping i can by pass all of it :) haha but i doubt i will . they say if you get 14 right you bypass 101 ( meaning you only have to take two years then not three ) if you get 23 right you by pass 102 ( meaning you only have to take one year not three ) and if you get 39 right you bypass 203 and you don't have to take any lang for your time at Messiah , it was a 50 question test . so maybe i got out of 101 , but who knows i really don't remember much from highschool . there are alot of freshmen here . i think its a class of 500 or something close to that. thank God that the upperclassmen move in the next few days ( ithink today is the start of the great move in ) we got our last person in our rooms . Jenna surpised us all . Well we ended up with a bed in our livingroom , which needless to say i'm not happy at all about . Thats all i'm going to say about the matter. on the upside my dad and michael brought over the sofa and chair yesterday and they look great in the living room . it was good seeing them again . its kinda hard realising that i'm not home , that this is now my home and will be pretty much my home for the next two years . its hard to go from being home all the time , working and going to school in town and working around all that , but now i'm here . oh please send me mail please please please

thats all for today
ttfn ta ta for now


Anonymous Michelle said...

so why is there a bed in the living room? Are all your roommates freshman?

12:19 AM  

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