Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ok first thing, Michelle , my friend , wrote a comment asking two things , are all my roommates freshmen - no none of them are, and why is there a sofa in our living room , well one of my roommates , the new one jenna , wanted it in there and really wouldn't stop till it was in there so that was that , i'm not to cool with it , in fact i find it really out of place to have a bed in the living room , what do you do on a bed in a living room ??? i think you know what i'm saying . Ok well those questions are done , and thats how i'm going to do it , if anyone has a question i'm just going to post it up with what i need to say , fair ? cool beans


Anonymous Michelle said...

WOOT I'm a friend!! ::boogies::

7:21 PM  

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