Monday, August 28, 2006

So i was reading my horoscope for today , i havn't read it in a few days , not since i got here and this is what it said ..

Put that book down and get out of the house, dear Scorpio! You've been by yourself long enough. It is time to start interacting with other people. In addition to having heaps of fun, you are likely to make some contacts that will prove beneficial in the long run. Group situations are great, but don't overlook the pleasures of an intimate one-on-one encounter.

wow ! yes i have been cooped up in my dorm room really not willing to go out because its kinda scary seeing all these people and not knowing anyone. so it would seem that today is the same for me to go out and make friends

on that note my room mates and i have really come alot closer . we played scene it last night and had a blast ! after that anna beth and i where in my room talking for about two hours , we talked about alot of stuff and then played some fun music and was singing and dancing like crazy people . it was alot of fun really . this morning we watched the pink panther ! we are really getting close to eachother and getting confortable with eachother which pleases me alot !

well today is a busy day for me ! i must be off


Anonymous Francine said...

Your blog is great. What a great way to journal your life.

10:33 AM  

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