Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i'm really really in need of some massive sleep . i don't get to sleep much cause its just hard to sleep here , the bed good and all but its just hard with all the noise and not really being in an area i know. my back has also has been hurting more then normal as well . well today i got alot done being that classes started and i had no classes today ! haha one more day off for me .i went to gettysburg and met up with michael for some lunch and all . i really miss him and its hard being away from him all the time. after that i poked around in my room and all , took care of some things online. oh i got the tarzan cd today and its really good ! i wish i was seeing that show cause it seems to be a great looking show. after that i went and beth and i worked out for about an hour and then got some food , its pretty much been a slow night . beth and anna just went to swing dancing which i passed cause i'm going to go to bed real soon . thats about it !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

how come the pictures of your room looks so tidy, when I saw it yesterday it was a mess..
love dad

8:04 AM  

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