Thursday, July 27, 2006

I've been told that there was a problem with the commenting and so I'm just posting to tell anyone who didn't get the email that that problem was solved and anyone should be able to comment now ! And please post comments ! I love comments and I love knowing that there are people reading this, which in the long run makes me want to post more ! :) thanks for taking an interest

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Alright first Messiah College post
This blog is basicly a blog for me to keep about my life at Messiah . I'm hoping, once i get there to post as much as once a day. it'll be something i can look back on and read about my " college life " and maybe it'll be something for everyone else to enjoy, since it seemed that everyone reading my travel blog enjoyed that even though this blog won't come close to be as exciting.
i'm posting today because i finally got my rooming assignment
i shall be in the Mellinger Residence room A104, which is a apartment ! it will have two bedrooms , one bathroom , living room , dining area, and kichten ! how exciting is that ! getting that letter in the mail has really made me ready to leave home and go off to college. i will have to finish a few more things before i'm really ready to go. like this week i will be going to the doctor , finally , to get my check up for the college, which is something i'm not looking forward to at all , cause i have to get a few shots which i'm not a fan of at all . just to let you know i prolly won't be writing much after this in here till i'm at the college , which i move in august 24th. yay for that
well i hope you enjoy the next two years of my college life