Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Well its almost been a month since i've last posted ! it seems as though as i was wrong as to how much homework and how busy i would be when im at school. right now i'm taking a break from some of that work, trying to relax a little. alot is going on, tons of projects for my photography class ( and my camera broke this week ) still workings on phase two of my apple project ( which i think i will post pictures of ) which let me tell you about. phase one we had to do in three weeks and we had to draw 64 2.5 by 2.5in apples, different apples , different veiws and different mediums.phase two of that is take 6 of those and blowing them up into 5 by 7 and doing something different with them . so anyways i'm almost done that. im a little back up on work for my christian theology class , which is what i'm planning on doing tonight and try to get some of the work out of the way. my textile class is unbelievable alot of fun. i'm really enjoying spending hours in that studio and dying different fabrics and such. i tihnk i might be sick of the food here at messiah, its not thats its bad it just how it stay with you . and to be honest it makes me feel sick alot ( and fart ) i'm gonig to new york tomorrow as well for my art project . im not really looking forward to it because honestly i feel like its a waste of time on my part cause i have alot to do . well anyways maybe i'll post some pictures of projects that i've been working on and i'll deff will write and update more


Anonymous Dad said...

Did you really have to post on your blog..your reaction to the food.
Love dad

12:48 PM  

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