Wednesday, January 24, 2007

So out of all the the huge murals, ours was deff the best by far. Which means that i think i'm doing really well in this class at this point. I'm doing more then i need to do and things are turning out well. Hoping for an A now in this class. By the way no one gets to keep them ( to anwser my sisters question ) So today after class Michael came up to see the mural and to see me of course. We made marbled paper together ( which even though he doesnt think he did well he did :D ) and that was fun , had lunch and then he had to be off on his way to work. Then i went shopping for book stuff for my final and picked up about 7 more job app's, still looking for a job up here so i dont have to come home every weekend to work.


Anonymous Mom said...

I am very impressed!!

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