Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i'm really really in need of some massive sleep . i don't get to sleep much cause its just hard to sleep here , the bed good and all but its just hard with all the noise and not really being in an area i know. my back has also has been hurting more then normal as well . well today i got alot done being that classes started and i had no classes today ! haha one more day off for me .i went to gettysburg and met up with michael for some lunch and all . i really miss him and its hard being away from him all the time. after that i poked around in my room and all , took care of some things online. oh i got the tarzan cd today and its really good ! i wish i was seeing that show cause it seems to be a great looking show. after that i went and beth and i worked out for about an hour and then got some food , its pretty much been a slow night . beth and anna just went to swing dancing which i passed cause i'm going to go to bed real soon . thats about it !

Monday, August 28, 2006

Here are some pictures for all you folks to see my place !!

my whole room

different view

a view of our living room

our living room with anna in it

this is my space in the room

another part of my space

this is my desk
So i was reading my horoscope for today , i havn't read it in a few days , not since i got here and this is what it said ..

Put that book down and get out of the house, dear Scorpio! You've been by yourself long enough. It is time to start interacting with other people. In addition to having heaps of fun, you are likely to make some contacts that will prove beneficial in the long run. Group situations are great, but don't overlook the pleasures of an intimate one-on-one encounter.

wow ! yes i have been cooped up in my dorm room really not willing to go out because its kinda scary seeing all these people and not knowing anyone. so it would seem that today is the same for me to go out and make friends

on that note my room mates and i have really come alot closer . we played scene it last night and had a blast ! after that anna beth and i where in my room talking for about two hours , we talked about alot of stuff and then played some fun music and was singing and dancing like crazy people . it was alot of fun really . this morning we watched the pink panther ! we are really getting close to eachother and getting confortable with eachother which pleases me alot !

well today is a busy day for me ! i must be off

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ok first thing, Michelle , my friend , wrote a comment asking two things , are all my roommates freshmen - no none of them are, and why is there a sofa in our living room , well one of my roommates , the new one jenna , wanted it in there and really wouldn't stop till it was in there so that was that , i'm not to cool with it , in fact i find it really out of place to have a bed in the living room , what do you do on a bed in a living room ??? i think you know what i'm saying . Ok well those questions are done , and thats how i'm going to do it , if anyone has a question i'm just going to post it up with what i need to say , fair ? cool beans

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Its been slow the last few days with everything shut down and nothing really running yet because its just welcome week .i really like the student union building the most, they have pool tables and lots of fun places to sit and relax. they should really have a coffee house in it or something. they have a little cafe food place but i don't think it has much for coffee. i did my german placement exam yesterday, which i'm hoping i can by pass all of it :) haha but i doubt i will . they say if you get 14 right you bypass 101 ( meaning you only have to take two years then not three ) if you get 23 right you by pass 102 ( meaning you only have to take one year not three ) and if you get 39 right you bypass 203 and you don't have to take any lang for your time at Messiah , it was a 50 question test . so maybe i got out of 101 , but who knows i really don't remember much from highschool . there are alot of freshmen here . i think its a class of 500 or something close to that. thank God that the upperclassmen move in the next few days ( ithink today is the start of the great move in ) we got our last person in our rooms . Jenna surpised us all . Well we ended up with a bed in our livingroom , which needless to say i'm not happy at all about . Thats all i'm going to say about the matter. on the upside my dad and michael brought over the sofa and chair yesterday and they look great in the living room . it was good seeing them again . its kinda hard realising that i'm not home , that this is now my home and will be pretty much my home for the next two years . its hard to go from being home all the time , working and going to school in town and working around all that , but now i'm here . oh please send me mail please please please

thats all for today
ttfn ta ta for now

Friday, August 25, 2006

today will be my frist full day at Messiah college . i woke up this morning by the sound of beth's alarm clock , which i was happy to hear since mine didn't go off . thats because i put it for PM !! not AM oh well . when i got up Anna was already up and had taken a shower , i was impress because she was also the last one to go to bed . well i got to do my thing in the bathroom and then cracked open my coffee for a cup. breakfest was ok , i might just skip out on it alot because its not something i have to have. i wish we could just skip the next few days and go right in our classes ! i really can't wait to go to class and see what my classes are like. also let me tell you a little more about yesterday. yesterday we all woke up early ( mom dad and michael ) and shipped out to Messiah . we checked in which took maybe 5 min's , there were no lines or anything. we got my key and moved in. mom and michael did a great job in cleaning everything while my dad and i where moving everything in. then we went to lunch and then did the normal stuff , like take your computer in , check mailbox , ect ect. i didn't have to get my books because i had gotten them the week before , which was a good thing cause of the long lines. i also got my ID card a week ago which cut that out . oh i did get my parking pass which by the way i'm in the D lot which is the farthest lot there is ! ya for me . i'll tell you one thing if i don't work out its not big deal because i have to walk all over the place ! well i must live out my day and i shall return with more updates later

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moving in day ! well guys i'm moved into Messiah College and its my new home ! things went pretty well , i don't have my computer yet but i found on in one of the student buildings/ places. all i hope for is that i sleep well becasue boy am i tired ! i really can't wait to get my own computer cause i really would like to make this into something i write in everyday so that my love ones at home can keep up. well i just wanted to make a least a small post and here it is