Tuesday, November 28, 2006

So it seems I lied, lied about this blog ! I've been real bad about updating this thing. But what can i say the life of a college student is real hard ! right now i'm just taking a " art break" ( normally called a study break but lets be honest ...i dont study ) i call it a art break becasue thats what it is . i'm taking a creative break. right now i'm doing my final project for visual literacy. its a book . right now i'm just making the book itself not really doing much else as i'm not sure where its going. ah the everylasting headache ( which i've had all day ) wont go away as well . which i think its going to drive me to go to bed early tonight. i must say though if i've learn anything yet i've learned this - zombies come from college campus . its true i mean we are the living dead ( going days without food and sleep ) well i must get back before the glue drys